Gianluigi "A35G"

Web Developer, PHP Coder & Martial Arts addict

Italian PHP developer, supporter of Mozilla Firefox and passionate practitioner of Kung Fu, Chang style, from an early age.

Curious of the web, of network in general and everything that circulates in the context of information security.

I have an avatar (red eyes that can see above) and a nick that represent me since not ask me what it means...I told too many times and I am tired :D

Occasional Player of Urban Terror and MMORPG, Soul of the holidays and evenings with friends.

Administrator and developer of portals, WebApp, management software on-line and mobile applications at E2 ICT in the heart of Southern Italy.

Tender "stubborn" and "hard headed" ... if want to achieve a goal, try try again until we reach, overcoming all obstacles.

Fascinated by dragons and myths and legends, the element fire, Super Mario Bros and the good music that is lost during programming or "when we really need it".

What else to say? I'm not good with descriptions...especially with my own. I leave you with my references in the footer and my work.

Web Developer, PHP Coder & Martial Arts addict

Living in the amazing South of Italy: Salento.